Hildegard McManus

Growing up in Osage City, Kansas, Hildegard was one of six children, #3 of 6 to be exact. And you know what they say about middle children… “middles learn to negotiate to get what they want. “Middle-borns are the most willing to wheel and deal”.


That’s a pretty good description of Hildegard, combine that with the strong work ethic she learned from her father, working in his German Bakery. Both of her parents were born and raised in Germany, and both experienced losses from World War II, hence their move to America.


After graduating from college with a degree in education, and then teaching school for ten years, little did she know the skills acquired in teaching and understanding children would lead her to future endeavors with Chuck E. Cheese’s.


In 1984 Hildegard left the teaching profession and was given the opportunity to work as the assistant director of marketing for the McBiz Corporation in Topeka, Kansas. McBiz owned and operated Showbiz Pizza/Chuck E. Cheese’s and Mrs. Winners Chicken and Biscuit restaurants. In 1986 she was named President of ad images, the in-house advertising agency for McBiz Corporation. The primary mission was to provide a more economical means of building each restaurant’s brand. As ad images grew in its capabilities, so did the clients, to eventually advertise for every CEC franchisee in North America. During the McBiz years, Hildegard was chosen to serve on the CEC Inc. National Advertising board and represented the franchise community.


By 1997, McBiz Corporation sold their interest in all restaurants back to the parent company, and ad images was purchased by Hildegard. Stepping down from the board and no longer a franchise NAF representative, Hildegard’s expertise with children landed her the opportunity to delve into organizing and moderating children’s focus groups for CEC Inc., National Heart Association, Coldwell Banker and several other clients.


To this day, ad images continues to advertise and support all the domestic and International CEC franchisees locations.