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Resourceful - Webster defines resourceful as the ability to find quick and clever ways to solve an issue.

Why choose ad images, ltd.....because we are extremly resourceful. We help our clients combine their marketing materials into a program to reach their target audience with the least amount of waste and the greatest response. We invest time with each client to understand their customer base and develop meaningful messages.


  • - Media Planning and Consulting
  • - Direct Mail Marketing
  • - Research
  • - Web Design
  • - Web Marketing
  • - Graphics
  • - Creative Writing
  • - Media Production
  • - Trade Show Displays
  • - In store point of sale material

Recent news

June 2018

In the 1980s it was believed the average person had to hear or see something at least seven times within a short period of time before they would take action on it. Today, due to all the clutter, experts believe it takes 13 times to get someone to act - it's almost doubled. No media on earth can guarantee that someone will see and absorb something

There are three elements to the success of an ad. It has to reach the right audience (not necessarily the largest audience); it has to have creative that grabs your attention so that when someone is flipping through, taking less than a second per page, you jump out, grab their attention, and make them read it; and it has to be run with frequency. Whatever you do, do it with repetition.

* Sources:
How to Kill an Ad Campaign
By Eric Rhoads
Why Getting Sick of Your Ads Will Hurt Your Business

Our experts

Hildegard McManus

Founder and President
Emporia State University, BSE
Founded ad images, ltd. - 1985
Purchased ad images, ltd. - 1997

Tim McManus
Vice President/Creative Director

Emporia State University, BSE
Brewster Place

Sean McManus

Vice President/Treasurer
St. Louis University - BA
Field marketing manager - Babalot USA

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